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Getting Your Life Back On Track After An Injury That Wasn’t Your Fault

There is a general problem when it comes to trusting lawyers and legal professionals. This may be partly because of the way that they are portrayed in films and on TV, but the truth is that lawyers form an integral part of the fabric of our communities. When they are representing someone, they are

The Importance Of A Good Divorce Attorney

Few things test one’s emotions as much as going through a divorce. These proceedings are draining for everyone involved, and yet the lawyers and judges working on each case must try to remain tactical and emotionally divested. If you’re looking for a lawyer in Granbury to help you navigate your divorce proceedings, you need

Steps To Take If Your Child Suffers from Birth Defects

Get Support Every year in the United States, 1:33 babies born is affected by a birth defect. Learning that your baby has a birth defect can be life changing. You may have many questions and emotions. You may be unsure where to begin to find resources and care for yourself and your baby. First,

How to Deal With a Medical Misdiagnosis

It is nice to think that doctors would properly and accurately diagnose all patients in a timely manner. However, doctors are human, and they do make mistakes from time to time. In some cases, the error lies with the doctor’s own negligence or ignorance, but other cases of misdiagnosis are caused by errors in

How Does Sole Custody Work In Wisconsin

Legal custody is that power which is given to the parents or certain relatives that allow them to take decisions for the child, till he/she is an adult and can take his/her own decisions. With the power of legal custody, one can make any major decisions about their child’s life like choosing their school,

The Picture Can Convey A Lot Of Feelings Make Family Happy

As a parent, there is no better feeling than seeing a smile on the face of your newborn baby, the initial movements and the details of the cute little body. There is a strong tendency to hold on to these memories and capture them. To make it eternal and something to look forward to

The Difference Between Fault Divorce and No-Fault Divorce

Whether the “I do’s” were just a couple of years ago or you just celebrated your thirtieth wedding anniversary, going through a divorce is a strenuous time. Figuring out who will move out, who will take custody of any children or belongings, how money will be split is all part of the process. In

Relationship Breakdown – Looking After The Kids

If you are going through a divorce or dissolution of a civil partnership and you have children with your partner there are a few things to consider to ensure you are safeguarding your children’s future and putting in place boundaries and guidelines for you and your partner to follow in terms of responsibilities. Family

Put Your Differences Aside To Work Through Your Divorce

It’s the unfortunate reality that so many first marriages end in divorce. But, second and third marriages don’t fare so well either. And it’s an even more unfortunate reality that children are the victims of these breakups, and attorneys see children used as pawns many times because they generally have no voice. Here, we’d

What to Expect When You Move in With Your Boyfriend

Normally, couples in long, consistent relationships or those that are strong even for a short period would take their relationship to the “next level” – this means moving in with the other. Moving in with your significant other is a serious matter, and may change your relationship for the better or for the worse.